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content, writing and the social media is a diverse team of creative professionals, who are passionate about bringing to our clients the best of modern-day marketing and communication tools. We are driven by knowledge and understanding of the amazing power that 21st century’s media and technology give every business and every person. Talk to us to find out how you and your business can benefit from it too.

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Why LedgePoint?

What is the best way to use social media to promote my business or to find a job? How can I drive more traffic to my website? How do I maintain contact with my customers and keep them engaged? Where can I find a good writer? If you have asked any of those questions, LedgePoint has an expert to answer them.

As diverse as those subjects might seem, they are all connected by one reality – the world at your fingertips. We know how it works, we know how to make the best of it. That’s our strength and our passion.

Our content writers are working on website content, marketing, business and career documents. We partner with many web design and marketing companies as well as educational and career institutions to provide well-targeted writing services.


Web Content

We partner with web designers nationwide to create sharp, professional content for modern websites.



Our experienced staffing professionals create uniquely customized resumes and cover letters for any industry.


Website Design

Modern. Simple. Effective. User friendly. We don't just build your website. We dirve traffic to your business.


Social Media Marketing

Yes, it works! Social media is a powerful marketing tool. We know how to make it work for you.


Social Media Profiles

Making the social media work for you by creating professional and unique business and personal profiles.


Newsletters & Blogs

Keep your customers engaged. Maintain your customer's interest with consistently updated content.

Complete media set up for your business

From creating your website to establishing, maintaining and monitoring all of the marketing tools and services. We will find the unique approach to fit your needs, requirements and budget. Talk to us about your business.

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