Who We Are

The Important Things

At LedgePoint.com, we have a vision. It is that every business that is looking to grow, expand, or to simply continue doing their favorite thing has a professional and effective representation on the web. 

There is a multitude of online tools and marketing strategies out there. Trying to navigate this digital space in an attempt to find the right tools and approaches can be incredibly confusing. We bring knowledge and expertise to chart a unique, customized path to digital success for each of our clients.

Our Core Values

Stemming from the genuine desire to help businesses and individuals reach their full potential through creating an effective online presence, our team invariably follows a simple and firm set of core values.  

Our story

LedgePoint.com was founded in 2009 by Katerina (Kate) Paramonova Hsu. With advanced degrees in Anthropology and English, Kate has spent decades working for large and medium-size corporate firms in Boston and managing recruiting for corporations and universities in the area. 

While building her extensive business experience, Kate continued to learn new skills and look for her true talents and passions. She found them in web design and in helping small businesses realize their potential. That is how LedgePoint.com was born.

Now, running a successful web design and marketing company with a talented and dedicated team, Kate still focuses on her mission to provide digital tools to the local businesses that will ensure their ability to survive, grow, and evolve in the ever-changing commercial environment.

Kate Paramonova Hsu, Owner LedgePoint Web Design and Marketing for Small Businesses

I wouldn't be doing this if at the end of the day, I couldn't say, "I helped someone today". Helping local small business owners make sense of the new digital world and bring their business to the next level is why I started this company.

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