webmaster Services

WHy you need webmaster services

After your new website is launched, the work begins to make it more than just a collection of pretty pages on the Web. Your website is a central tool that will allow your business to grow and thrive. For that to happen,  it needs to be properly managed.

Registration, Hosting & Backup

From domain registration to hosting and backup. We will find the best setup for your business needs and budget.

eCommerce Store Management

eCommerce stores can be tricky to run. We will ensure that every part of your online store is functioning properly.

Web Forms Integration

Your website may need more than just a contact form. Interactive intake forms, online ordering forms. You name it, we build it.

Content Updates

Regular content update are essential for keeping up the Google rankings. Our content writers will  keep your website content fresh.

Data Analytics

Websites are capable of collecting a huge amount of data. We know how to read it, and will help you use it to improve and grow your business.

Tech Support

We are more than just web designers. Our IT specialists will help you resolve technical problems or integrate web and IT solutions to work together.

Why LedgePoint?

At LedgePoint.com, we are more than just web designers. When starting a new project, our team considers all aspects of a client’s business. We think about your immediate and long-term goals, your business process, and the industry trends in general. 

We build your website to be flexible and ready for business growth with analytical tools already embedded, whether or not you are ready to use them right away or down the road.

Benefits Of Working With Us

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