Digital Marketing Strategies to make conversions soar

Digital marketing strategies developed just for your business

Digital Marketing should be a natural next step following a new website launch. Simply put, not matter how great your website looks, it does you no good if no one is coming to visit it. There is a great number of digital marketing tools out there. Helping you choose the right ones is our job.


On-page Search Engine Optimization
SEO is an essential tool for bringing your website up in the search engine rankings. From meta tags to headers and content, every word matters.
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Reputation Management

What and How people think of your business online
Get those review stars work for you! We offer advanced customized programs to manage your business's reputation
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Local Directory Listings

How your business appears in local searches
If you do nothing else, do this! Without local directory listings customers may have a hard time finding your business online.
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Social Media Marketing

Put the social media platforms to work for you
Regular posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business. Share seasonal specials, deals, promote products and services.
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Blogging does wonders for website rankings
Blogs play an important role in websites' Google rankings. Keep your site at the top of search results with engaging blog articles
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Web Content Management

Keep your website content up to date
Your business is a living, breathing thing. It changes and evolves. Make sure your website reflects those changes, seasonal or permanent.
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Facebook and Google Ads

Pay-per-click ad campaigns to boost sales
Most powerful advertising tools on the web are the pay-pet-click ads. Let an expert manage your customized advertising strategy.
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Email and SMS Marketing

Reach out directly to your client list
Have you been collecting clients' contact information? Email and SMS campaigns reach people directly in their inbox or phone.
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Why Digital Marketing is So Important

We hear it everywhere, “Digital marketing is essential for any business that wants to grow its sales”. But why? Well, it has to do with how we – and our customers – receive information these days. TV commercials and newspaper ads are still a legitimate way to market products and services. However, they are no longer the dominant ways to influence buyer decisions. Most people receive information from the Internet. That means, they make their purchasing decisions based on what they see on their phones and computers.

The Power of Reputation Management

Digital Marketing provides a fast and easy way for consumers to follow offers of products and services. In the culture of instant gratification, a properly designed digital marketing campaign can bring impressive results. At the same time, businesses must be aware of the power of customer reviews, the rewards, and the pitfalls that they can bring. That is why Reputation Management has become a large part of digital marketing campaigns for many businesses.  

Which Digital Marketing Tool Should I choose?

There are many ways to run a digital marketing campaign. Aside from the obvious Facebook and Google ads, there are a lot of other, often less costly ways to promote your business online. For example, submitting the information about your business to local directories will guarantee that your business will appear in local searches. Updating your website content and running a blog will help your Google rankings. Regularly updating  your social media posts will bring more eyes to your business as well as the search engine bots. There is no one correct way to design the best digital marketing strategy for your business. You will have to consider many factors such as the specifics of your industry, your area, your budget, and many more. An experienced digital marketing expert can help your make the right choices and, as a result, get the biggest bang for your buck.

LedgePoint Digital Marketing Quincy MA

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Expert

Focusing on developing and growing your business takes a lot of time and effort. Although promoting your business and getting more customers should definitely be high on your priority list, you don’t have to do it all yourself. Digital Marketing is a vast and constantly changing field. Planning and running an effective digital marketing campaign requires a great deal of research and planning. If a campaign is not designed properly, it may target the wrong audience, the wrong area or simply cost you more  money than it should. The digital marketing experts do the work for you and make sure the common mistakes and pitfalls are avoided. 

LedgePoint Web Design and Marketing

At LedgePoint Web Design and Marketing, we are constantly learning. Attending classes and seminars that go deep into details and intricacies of digital marketing strategies. Staying up to date on new tools and products in the field.  Keeping up with policy and regulations updates in this ever-changing industry. Because of that knowledge base, we are able to bring our clients efficiently designed digital marketing campaigns that ultimately save them money and  grow their business.

Digital Success is More than just One Thing

There are a lot of components to a successful online presence. At LedgePoint, we help you put all the pieces together for a long-lasting digital success of your business. 

Why LedgePoint?

At, we are more than just web designers. When starting a new project, our team considers all aspects of a client’s business. We think about your immediate and long-term goals, your business process, and the industry trends in general. 

We build your website to be flexible and ready for business growth with analytical tools already embedded, whether or not you are ready to use them right away or down the road.

Benefits Of Working With Us

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