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Over 70% of employers now look up candidates' social media profiles before even making first contact.

According to a study by CareerBuilder, the number of employers using social medial to research their candidates have been growing by at least 10% a year. The power of social media is undisputable. It's likely that you are already registered with a few social networking sites. Use them properly to get help with your job search. Be careful about the cover photo your post on these sites. Make sure that it is a photo you would not mind that a potential employer sees. is by far the most powerful and widely used online professional network. Many companies now require their employees to have a LinkedIn profile. If you haven't done so already, start building your own LinkedIn network as soon as possible. Most professional communities create professional groups and online networks. Be sure to join groups in your industry.

Over 80% of small and medium businesses use LinkedIn for networking and marketing puposes.

Your LinkedIn profile is far more than just a copy of your resume. It is there to create a brand, tell your story, make it personable, make it engaging. If you are promoting your business, share your passion, tell people why this company is important to you. With hundres of millions members and growing, LinkedIn has virtually unlimited networking opportunities. If used to its full potential, it can be a game changer for your career and your business.

In addition to personal profiles, LinkedIn also allows you create a company profile. Company profile helps create and promote your brand, establish your company's credibility, develop your network and attract talent.

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