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Interview Prep

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You get a call for an interview. What now? How to make sure that you are the one chosen for the job?

Interviewing is an acquirable skill. Certainly everyone performs differently in a situation, where one has to answer an avalanche of questions on which one's future might depend. The truth is, however, that those questions - no matter the job or the industry - all have a common purpose. That purpose is to find a candidate best suitable for the job.

There is a number of common questions that identifies qualities valued in any job. Some of those questions can be rather tricky. How many of us have struggled to find a creative way to answer the question about our strengths and weaknesses?

The purpose of our Interview Prep sessions is to help you avoid commin pitfalls and to provide you with tools that will help you tackle any challenging question.

Most employers will expect you to come prepared with at least general knowledge about their company and the job you are interviewing for. You need to be able to relay to them why you want this job and what makes you a great candidate for it.

The way you present youself is also important. Not just they way you are dressed, but the posture, body language, they way you sit, they way you talk - all is taking into consideration by thorough recruiters.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses and other challenging questions
  • Behavioral interview questions
  • What you need to know before going on an interview
  • Attitude, body language, confidence
  • Complete list of Interview DOs and DON'Ts
About Image
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