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A professional resume is essential, but it is only one part of your career image. Most employers expect your resume to be accompanied by a cover letter.

Cover letter is a lot more than just a couple of generic paragraphs that recite common strengths or give a summary of your resume. In fact, those are the things that should be avoided. A cover letter needs to bring out your personal objectives, your talents, and your experience that will be valuable to the employer. If there are any parts of your resume that need to be clarified, the cover letter is where you do it gracefully and professionally.

It is not all about you though. Employers want to see what valur can a candidate bring to the company. A cover letter is your chance to provide reasons and give explanation as to why you are going to make a valuable addition to the team.

Cover letter is also a writing sample that you provide to your potential employer. Grammar, spelling, vocabulary, your ability to clearly structure your thought are all displayed here.

For best results, cover letter should be addressed and written specifically to a particular employer regarding a particular job that you wish to apply to. That means that you may want to consider sending a customized cover letter with every job application, a task that we will be happy to help you accomplish.

Cover Letter also lets you add a personal touch and helps paint a picture of a real person behind the resume. It gives you a chance to explain to the employer why you are a great match for the job.

  • Elaborate on personal strengths and achievements
  • Explain gaps and transitions
  • Paint a picture, tell a personal story
  • Describe what you can do for the company
  • Provide reasons for hiring you
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